Alexander Technique

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The Alexander Technique was developed in the 1890s by F.M. Alexander, and is taught today at art and education establishments all over the world.


This holistic technique, teaches us how to take care of our minds and bodies, how to use them in the most beneficial way, by letting our built-in "Magic Wand" (or "Primary Control" as Alexander named it) - The Neck -  be free.


It is not a physical exercise but a technique that permits the systems in our body to function as a whole, and enables us to take responsibility for the betterment of our daily existence. It gives us a totally new and meaningful "toolbox" to create a real change in the quality of our lives.


Every teacher-pupil session carries a broad-vision psycho-physical approach, and a conviction that the journey is definitely more valuable than reaching a goal. The teacher's aim is to teach his pupils a new language - the language of Direction.


The use of the Alexander Technique enables 

  1. Breathing with ease
  2. Improved body alignment
  3. Clear mind
  4. Effortless posture
  5. Vitality
  6. Physical well-being and relief from pain
  7. Awareness of the wholeness of body and mind
  8. Improved concentration and sense of calm
  9. Improved Neck-Head-Back tuning
  10. Making choices with a new, broader viewpoint


The 2015 Alexander Technique International Conference in Dublin, Ireland, which hosted 700 teachers from around the globe, voiced the idea that the Alexander Technique is as important to humanity as the invention of the light-bulb.


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By F. M. Alexander