About the book




About The Book


Saying goodbye to old habits!


The book "The Magic Wand - Direction of Learning" formulates a different meaning to what we call 'a book': scarce in words but rich in projections and reflections, thought-chains, and a brain-generator that defies habit.


In this book you will discover what is the real "Magic Wand", what is a "Robotic Reaction" and what are true "Freedom and Choice".


The book will presents a unique viewpoint of the 'Five Principles of the Alexander Technique'.


"The Magic Wand - Direction of Learning" is also a wonderfully unique tool for teachers: each reading brings new revelations and insights, thus opening the path for a rich dialogue and profound self-work.


to purchase the book / order an Alexander Technique lesson or workshop for teachers and students,

please call:  +972 2 5618567, +972 50 6827035

or email:  matehaksamim@gmail.com / lioradvash@gmail.com



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by cheque for the sum of 120 NIS (30 Euro) + 10 NIS for delivery in Israel / 25 NIS delivery abroad, mailed to:

Matehaksamim, P.O.B. 28369 Jerusalem 9128301, Israel


In 2017, new editions of the book were printed in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and in Paris, France. The book became a source of inspiration in teaching  the technique in many Alexander Technique schools around the world, and in schools in general.


"The Magic Wand - Direction of Learning"

By: Liora Dvash

Design and Layout: Romit Dorot Berger